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Florida Man Uses Ingenious (illegal) Car-Hack

Published by Sergio Rodrigues on January 18, 2017 | Leave a response

There are plenty of car-hacks floating around the internet these days, some are ingenious, some are completely obvious and barely ‘hacks’ at all. This one, comes straight out of the ‘ingenious but definitely illegal, so please don’t do it’ category, but what it is, is entirely entertaining.

Florida-based news agency WFTV reported a definite infringement of vehicle law when Florida State Troopers caught a man using a remote controlled ‘curtain’ device to hide his license plate. The police caught the man using the device to avoid paying the toll on a highway toll booth that uses a plate-scanner to process the payment, and has seemingly gotten away with it for quite a while.

Unfortunately, the cheeky-chappy’s luck ran right out when he was caught using the device when he just so happened to be right in front of the police car and was suitably nicked, and assumedly completely gutted. The car and the curtain device itself was taken and filmed for evidence, and broadcast on a local Florida news station, and it looks like something Roger Moore’s Bond Car would have.

To be completely fair, you can’t blame a guy for trying and seemingly getting away with it for so long and if he invented it himself, appropriate props must be given.  The best part of it all, is the fact he was using the device to avoid paying a toll of $1.25, which amounts to approximately £1.01 in real money, and that is a special brand of thrifty living that we can applaud.

Although, we must remind our readers that obscuring your licence plate is illegal, and you definitely should not do this. Not even for the sake of not paying a toll, there are plenty of other completely legal ways to remaining thrifty.

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